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Fure Eviosekwofa - About Furex Founder/ CEO

Fure Eviosekwofa Popularly known as (Furetin)

Fure Eviosekwofa Popularly known as (Furetin) is the Founder of Furex, the revolutionary crypto wallet app that enables users to effortlessly buy, sell and do more with crypto.

His journey as a problem solver started back in 2016, when he discovered an insatiable request for a cheaper means to purchase data plans by students in his environment. As a natural troubleshooter, Fure delved into the business of selling data plans and successfully satisfied over 2,000+ students In the university despite some setbacks caused by different factors at the time.

Later in 2017, Fure’s data business customers in the university had begun to request for a reliable platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency and gift cards, especially Bitcoin. Fortunately, Fure had become familiar with cryptocurrency transactions due to a trending multi-level marketing platform that allowed him to take advantage of their services without needing fiat currency. This experience inspired confidence in Fure to officially launch FuretinXchanger on WhatsApp..

Awarded the most trusted, innovative and reliable OTC trading platform of the year 2022.

Fure’s dedication to problem solving and innovation did not go unnoticed as FuretinXchanger bagged the award for the most trusted, innovative and reliable OTC trading platform of the year 2022. This recognition fueled Fure’s desire to take things to the next level, which led to the birth of ‘Furex’. With a passionate, phenomenal and dedicated team by his side, Fure continues to push the boundaries in the cryptocurrency industry and provide users with a safe and secure platform for their transactions.

Fure Eviosekwofa receiving an award
Fure Eviosekwofa - myfurex founder

Fure is a graduate of Chemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo state and a skilled strategist. He is also an art enthusiast, and a family man who also loves the piano and enjoys traveling around the world. He is dedicated to building an innovative community of like-minded individuals and believes cryptocurrency is the future of financial freedom.


Meet Fure Eviosekwofa
Fure Eviosekwofa

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